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Friends for Life
CD Production

The project is to produce an international standard commercial CD with compositions from Heath Bergersen (didgeridoo) and Andrew Thomas (Navajo Nation flute player). Indigenous people all over the world have a very strong and common bond often having experienced similar struggles and hardships.  Indigenous people have strong ties to the land and express their culture through dance, song and music.

Heath Bergersen attended the International Indigenous Business and Entrepreneurship Conference held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June 2006 where he performed, by invitation, at the two banquet nights of the conference.  He was also invited to perform at the Arts Alliance Gallery in Albuquerque where, after performing solo on the didgeridoo, he was joined by Andrew Thomas and together they delighted the audience with the coming together of two cultures.

This project will show just how musically connected different Indigenous musicians can be and give to the world a different and exciting musical experience.  The tour will be an example of solidarity and be an entertainment treat as well.

Andrew was invited to Australia in March to record with Heath the wonderful music for this CD titled "Friends for Life".  The two week collaboration cemented their musical bond and their firm friendship.  Heath and Andrew also delighted a select audience with a magical performance under the stars in a beautiful backyard setting.

The CD will be completed and available in August 2007 and plans are underway for touring nationally and internationally in 2008/9.  Although planning is in the early stages initial feedback from Germany and New Zealand is very positive.

Heath Bergersen has been playing the didgeridoo for 15 years and has become renowned for his artistry and skills with the instrument.  Although Heath is also an actor and has been very successful in that field, his first love has always been music and the didgeridoo. Andrew Thomas is a self taught flute player and has toured extensively within the United States and Internationally.  He has produced a commercial CD of his own compositions and has another planned in the near future.

Select tracks are available for download sampled at 96Kb/s.

  • When They Returned from the Long Walk
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Rhythms of the Heavens (3.16MB download)
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • The Blessing Way
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Shii Kayan - My Home Land
    Andrew Thomas
  • Place of Emergence (1.63MB download)
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Old Time Song
    Heath Bergersen
  • Fire God Brought Fire to the World
    Andrew Thomas
  • Kodoo Hozhoo Dooleel
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Good Spirit - Protector
    Heath Bergersen
  • Songs from the Glittering World
    Andrew Thomas
  • So Tsoh - North Star
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Life Goes Sha Bekehgo (2.04MB download)
    Heath Bergersen & Andrew Thomas
  • Are You Good? (sung in Nyamal)
    Heath Bergersen, Andrew Thomas & Laurie Sinagra
  • Video Clip: So Tsoh - North Star

The CD was produced in the studios of Laurie Sinagra in Perth Western Australia.
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